Technology for Communication

Technology can be used to great effect for the equal benefit of guests, staff and management. The latest app from builds on the highly successful supermarket loyalty card phenomenon to develop an app unique and perfectly suited to the hospitality industry.

A single app can effortlessly:

·        Improve customer experience and brand loyalty

·        Reduce negative reviews on review sites

·        Provide frictionless communication between guests, management and housekeeping

·        Generate extra revenue

·        Deliver greater efficiencies for the venue

And because it is white-labelled, it promotes and enhances your brand as a pioneer of the latest technology.

Customer Experience

Before arrival

The logincident app sends guests a pdf certificate, to inform them that their room has been cleaned and sanitised before arrival. Guests can see details of each cleaning and sanitisation step taken in the room, if desired. If the room is available earlier than specified, the app advises of the option of early check-in.

During stay

Once checked in, from the second day, the app can be used to advise when the room has been cleaned and serviced, so guests know immediately when they can return.

In the event of any issues arising, such as a breakage, a new light bulb required, etc., guests can report it directly into the app for housekeeping to resolve at the earliest opportunity.

Guests can use the app like their virtual butler, to order anything at any time, from room service to a wake-up call.


The app advises housekeeping when guests leave the room, signalling that it is ready for servicing. This can work via a tap from the guest or via geo-fencing, where the guest’s phone senses its location and reports to the app automatically.

Housekeeping crews save time as they know right away which rooms are empty at any point. This also helps the guest, as they are not interrupted by housekeeping checking if the room is available.

Housekeeping can follow a checklist of cleaning operations for each room, ticking each off as it is completed. This ensures thorough and effective cleaning, and provides a detailed report for the guest.

Once the room is serviced, the app informs the guest.

Housekeeping then have the option of videoing the room before and after cleaning, or documenting the replacement or remedy of any broken or missing items, for upload to the app.


Management can track which rooms are ready, to the second, and can plan operations more efficiently.

Because guests are reporting faults to the app, it acts as a buffer between the guest and TripAdvisor. Too often nowadays guests might skip reporting a fault to Reception and go straight to a guest review site. Most guests will happily take the option of tapping the fault into an app, giving the hotel an opportunity to resolve it before reputational damage is done.

Every time the app sends a notification of sanitising and cleanliness to a guest it is an opportunity for the venue to showcase their comprehensive cleaning and sanitisation strategy. In today’s hygiene society, this acts as a powerful marketing tool for the venue brand.

The app works like a supermarket loyalty card, tracking the spend and habits of each guest so the venue tailor their service and marketing for the future.


The app is the perfect vehicle to upsell a hotel’s facilities: send restaurant menu with today’s specials direct to each guest’s phone or highlight an offer on facials and body treatments offer in the hotel spa, for example. Guests can then book directly via the app, taking advantage of impulse and immediacy.

The app can track guests’ spending in the venue and deliver tailored offers to each guest. For example, upon the third purchase of coffee in the venue café bar, an offer of a free cup with every five.

Venues can use the app to promote extra cost options, such as enhanced cleaning, full ozone purge each day during vacant hours, etc.

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