Protecting Your Business Long-Term

As we emerge from different degrees of lockdown, hospitality businesses are playing catch up with lost sales but it is crucial to keep the safety of staff, customers and guests front of mind, not just to comply with strict legal requirements, but also to protect your business for the long term.

It’s Not Just Covid: The Hygiene Society

As more people are double-vaccinated, specific fears about Covid might diminish, but the importance of enhanced and visible cleaning will not.

One legacy of the pandemic is the creation of the hygiene society. People are now more aware of the role of hygiene in the prevention of contagion and post-Covid, so guests in the hospitality industry will look for and notice sanitation procedures to protect against other transmissible pathogens as well, such as E. coli, staphylococcus, norovirus and the as yet unknown new contagions to come.

Chemical Impacts

The initial response, understandably, to Covid hygiene, was to swamp everything with harsh chemicals to completely eradicate all and any microbes or micro-organisms.

This yielded short-term benefits, certainly, but the emphasis has now shifted to more responsible, longer-term solutions. High concentrations of cleaning and sanitising solutions in hospitality were triggering allergies and respiratory conditions among guests and staff, as shown in this report by the US Green Building Council.

The medium- to long-term effects of chemical build-up are known to be harmful to the environment. Scientists agree that we should not overuse disinfectants: although we are in a crisis with COVID-19, remember that disinfecting kills all microorganisms, good and bad. Overuse can contribute to unintended consequences, such as causing health issues and promoting the growth of antibiotic-resistant organisms.

Sustainable Solutions

But we are also very much in a low-carbon, low-emissions, plant-based society. Our guests want to see a responsible response to hygiene.

So, what’s the alternative? How can we disinfect premises and protect from Covid and other pathogens without the increased use of harsh chemicals in masses of plastic packaging?

There are more effective alternative methods to keep both the air and hard/soft surfaces clean and safe.


Hard and soft surfaces of all kinds can be impregnated anti-microbial bioactive treatment that is effective at killing viruses and bacteria for up to 4 months.

All that is required is to clean hard surfaces after impregnation with only a microfibre cloth and clean water. This guarantees safety while massively reducing your impact on the environment and greatly reduced risk of aggravating allergies or respiratory conditions, especially for children.

Air Quality

It is more widely known now that at least half of Covid infections are transmitted through the air in vapour droplets and inhaled by the victim.

24/7 Air Sanifier equipment can remain on continuously, using UV light and low levels of generated ozone to scrub the air of pathogens: viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds, while ridding the space of unpleasant odours. Its power is limited to make it completely safe to use in occupied spaces. This means it will not kill all pathogens.

Full Purge Ozone equipment is guaranteed to kill all pathogens in the air and on surfaces, but it is not approved for use in occupied rooms or spaces. It works by generating high levels of ozone, which are fanned all around the space it occupies, getting into the spaces that a human operative with a fogging machine would easily miss.

It reconverts the ozone it produces back into ordinary oxygen, however, so it leaves the space safe for immediate use. Ozone destroys bad odours, so the space smells as fresh as it is clean, too.

Competing for Customer Confidence

Today’s hygiene society means that every hospitality venue is trumpeting their Covid sanitisation precautions. These anti-microbial surface coatings and air purification appliances will allow successful businesses will differentiate by taking the higher ground.

As consumers begin to realise the environmental cost of thousands of gallons of disinfectants in tonnes of plastic containers, they will seek out venues with an effective, greener alternative to hygiene and sanitisation.

Going forward, green hygiene is going to be a major selling point for hospitality businesses.


Each individual director of a hospitality business is individually responsible for the health and safety of guests and staff while in the venue.

Failure of this duty of care is punishable with imprisonment.

The best protection is proof of mitigation. Directors who can demonstrate written procedures and systems can protect themselves against legal action or prosecution.

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