Ngenco Announce New Distributor

We are delighted that one of our clients, Ngenco,  have appointed Optimum Trading Co., Ltd as distributors for Russia. The product will be marketed as part of a co-branded programme under the CWORKS brand within the market.

Trevor Bishop, Managing Director of Ngenco said “Optimum Trading Co., Ltd (OT) is a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) and is an aftermarket spare parts wholesaler in Russia, CIS as well as Central and Eastern Europe, also providing multi-brand aftermarket services through OT’s own aftermarket service network Optimum Auto. OT also channels it’s products and services through another of TTC’s subsidiary JV Business Car Co., Ltd operating through a network of 7 Lexus and 16Toyota Dealerships across Russia and Kazakhstan. We believe this is the beginning of a long-term relationship which will see the Ngenco product flourish under the TTC’s owned CWORKS brand in Russia and other territories entrusted to OT by TTC. We are very excited at the prospect of working with the Optimum Trading team”.

Dmitriy Shilkin, responsible for the project on the part of Optimum Trading said “Following some initial interest in this type of product, we quickly realised that Ngenco were the market leading product in the space. We have found Trevor and the full team to be very customer needs oriented, which perfectly resonates with our principles and therefore would lay a firm foundation of our cooperation.”

It has been wonderful for Elytraa to be part of this journey. We are excited to witness and be involved in the flourishing of Ngenco under the CWORKS brand in Russia.

Ngenco is the world’s leading formulator and manufacturer of professional grade removable coatings. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, supplying to numerous companies and distributors across the globe. Unrivalled product development and extensive testing is what differentiates Ngenco from competitors. All Ngenco products are developed, formulated, rigorously tested to industry standards and designed to meet specific requirements. Continually developing, improving and introducing new products to the marketplace is what keeps Ngenco ahead of the game.

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